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Lightweight Screen Locking with `alock`

Security was a focal part of the operations policy at my last job. If you left your workstation without locking it, you ran the risk of being fired. That could be seen as draconian by some, but considering we had access to customers' financial information, account information, addresses, and so on (referred to as SPI or Sensitive Personal Information), it was very important to make sure that employees didn't misuse this privilege. We weren't permitted to carry pen and paper, we couldn't have a phone out, and so on. But that's not why you're here, is it?


The Mobile CSS is Done!

Today, I finally got around to writing the "mobile" stylesheet for Sporkbox. It was a simpler process than I was expecting, and I didn't need to change a lot. It's good to know that 99% of the design work is done. Finishing the stylesheet had been on my mind for more than a year, so it's about time!


Turning Thirty

People tend to say that you're not "really a grown-up" until you hit thirty. I can say I managed to not die for thirty revolutions around our dear sun. Due to the simplicity of our decimal number system and our human penchant for patterns, each decade brings with it a sort of "milestone". At ten, it's more for the parents, "Congrats on not killing your kid!" At twenty, it's, "Almost old enough to drink! Welcome to adulthood!" Sitting here at thirty, it's become, "I hope you have a good day. Keep up what you're doing."


Customer Service and Software

I recently acquired a job doing customer service for a major wireless carrier. As indicated elsewhere, I also do programming in my spare time and contribute to Gentoo, a GNU/Linux distribution that I use as my primary desktop OS. Over the past two months, I've spent a lot of time learning about what it means to provide quality customer service and what goes into ensuring a good experience for both the customer and the agent. Ironically, this knowledge has applications in developer-user interactions as well.


Self Sufficient, At Last!

A few weeks ago (on June 20th), my girlfriend and I signed the lease for our first apartment together. It was the first time that I had gotten into a residence that I could call "mine", so to speak. Some may argue that I'm late to the party since I'll be thirty this year. Maybe they're right. Regardless, my girlfriend and I are relieved and happy to finally have our own place.


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