stuck between sharp and blunt

Upcoming Move

In a little over a week, I'm moving out to Washington state to live with my girlfriend. She and I already had plans to do this, but it's been moved up due to some recent familial problems I've been dealing with. My girlfriend and I are excited and look forward to getting a place together once I secure employment again. I'm posting about the move to explain why there's been an absence of content and why there will continue to be for a little while.


Are Computer Science and the Tao Similar?

In the field of computer science, design is an integral part of the process of writing programs. Without a solid design, the program will perform erratically or become so large and complex that it's impossible to maintain and keep your sanity. Thus, one of the biggest parts of computer science and application design is carefully hidden among the details. The key to good software is managing the complexity of the program in a way that makes it easy to maintain and appear simple to users. This key bears some resemblance to a concept in Taoism called p'u, or "simplicity".


Sporkbox has relaunched!

As you can see, Sporkbox has been properly relaunched after moving to a VPS. I am now hosted by Crissic, which has been great for me so far. I really enjoy the degree of freedom that a VPS allows me from a development and structuring perspective.


A New Direction for Sporkbox

I've studied web development for about ten years. In that time, I've really not built things as well as I'd have preferred. I've tried to continue learning and trying new things. But maybe I didn't try enough new things, and held onto older things simply because "Hey, I built that." Sporkblog is a part of that, despite it being the only project I've really stuck with. I've been questioning whether I should continue work on Sporkblog or if I should move onto something that can teach me more.


So I've joined the Four-Eyes club

Since 2009, I'd been slowly having a little bit of trouble seeing things at a distance. It was usually smaller text or details that most people never paid much attention to. Then it started progressing, and by last year I noticed it was harder to read road signs. That was a sign that it was time to get glasses.


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