Those who fell in love with the Dishonored series are sure to find something to fawn over when it comes to Deathloop. The Arkane Studios project burst on-scene as a unique, detail-oriented, and entertaining release filled to the brim with exciting visuals, high-octane action, brain-bending puzzles, and some of the most charming characters the developer has ever produced. It's a blast to play through, offering up one of the more interesting and engaging storylines players have seen in 2021 and proving that Arkane Studios is capable of making magic with more than one franchise.


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Deathloop's length is deceiving, starting out as what appears to be a fairly linear adventure that soon descends into chaos, giving players a multitude of directions to go and places to explore. It's a game that rewards exploration and player choice, opting for the Majora's Mask style of "reliving the same period of time over and over." But unlike other titles in the genre, Deathloop actually wants players to "fail." Each time Colt is forced to relive the same day, he gets stronger, smarter, and above all, more resourceful. It's a slow burn at the start, but well worth the build-up.

It's also deceptively simple. Although there are a lot of out-of-the-box reality-altering concepts, the main core of Deathloop is pretty straightforward. But once players begin to unravel the mystery of the island, they're met with a multitude of side quests, hidden areas, and puzzles. This collection of secrets, tips, guides, and miscellaneous help, should keep players firmly "in the loop" as they progress down the many paths of Deathloop's story.

Updated October 21st, 2021: Deathloop has been out for over a month now but players are still managing to find all sorts of interesting things hidden within the nooks and crannies of this explosive release. Speedrunners have been finding ways to shave time off their initial runs and players are unlocking even more lore buried throughout Deathloop's expansive world. To keep up with all of the discoveries and give players that are just starting their new journey some helpful hints, the following hub has been updated with even more guide content.

Weapons, Slabs, And Trinkets

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Although Colt starts out his journey living the same small, resetting stretch of time over and over, players are soon introduced to the concept of Infusion. This handy mechanic allows the snarky protagonist to "save" weapons, slabs, and trinkets that he comes across during his journies across the island. There's a surprising amount of depth to these items too, with rarer weapons featuring a multitude of random modifiers and some slabs giving Colt incredible powers. Players will definitely want to get their hands on some of these powerful unlockables.




Puzzles, Secrets, And Side Quests

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Although Colt has a "mission" the second he gains his sea legs in Deathloop, there are a ton of things to see and do across the island. Players may feel "confined" with only a handful of areas to explore but each of these areas offers up a deceptively large area to sift through and they even change according to what time of day it is. Because of this, Arkane has hidden a plethora of side quests, secrets, and random puzzles to keep players engaged and occupied. Here's a look at some of the biggest mysteries to solve.


Game Mechanics And General Help

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It's easy to get lost in Arkane's latest playground thanks to the incredibly entertaining gameplay which allows players to take down enemies in a multitude of ways. It's a title that gives ultimate freedom to the player, even going as far as to directly tell players to "play as they see fit." All players are welcome here, whether they enjoy stealth elements, chaotic run-and-gun combat, or sabotage. But some of the mechanics are a little easier to grasp than others and once players start gaining a variety of trinkets, slabs, and weapons, it can be a bit overwhelming. These guides should help players get a better grip on everything they can do in Deathloop.

In-Game Mechanics

General Game Information

Boss Fights And Encounters

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Deathloop's "bosses" are a bit different than the usual fare, opting instead for powerful marks that Colt must eliminate if he ever stands a chance of breaking the loop and gaining his freedom. The main goal of Deathloop is to eliminate all of Colt's targets in a single day, meaning players will become very familiar with each of these bosses and how they operate. Here's a better look at all of Deathloop's Visionaries, what they offer, where they're hiding, and how to take them down for good.

Completionist Corner

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Colt's main mission will always be to break the loop, but players looking to squeeze every single ounce they can out of Deathloop have the monumental task of finding, unlocking, and activating every possible thing they can during Colt's seemingly never-ending journey. Those that are up for the challenge will want to look into some of the more obscure collectibles, puzzles, and hidden side quests that Arkane has packed into its latest release. Here's a rundown for some of the things players will need to do should they want to finish 100 percent of Deathloop.

Lore And Opinions

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Much like Dishonored, it's hard not to be sucked into the world of Deathloop purely by its engaging, entertaining, powers-based gameplay elements. Once players get a firm grasp on what Colt can do and what he's capable of, they'll be flying all over the island, creating all kinds of builds and using a multitude of powers in fun and exciting ways. But those that pick up Deathloop for its combat shouldn't sleep on its story. Arkane did a great job building something unique, twisty, and thought-provoking. The characters are deeper than they appear from the outside and the dialogue can be downright hilarious at times. Here's a look at some of the lore and player opinions surrounding Deathloop's eccentric gameworld.



News And Reviews

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There are a lot of facets to Deathloop, so it's no surprise that some players will either love or hate Arkane's latest title. This ideal extends to critics too, and there's likely to be no shortage of opinions and news stories revolving around the newest IP in the upcoming weeks. This section contains anything and everything related to news and reviews concerning Deathloop.



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