Some New World players have begun to report that they have been logging in to see an incredible amount of in-game currency suddenly flooding their banks with little reason for the influx of coin. Given some recent updates and various changes to New World's economy, this has come as a huge gift to some players, and a source of criticism for Amazon Game Studios from upset fans.

The amount of money for several of these players also appears to be consistent, as stated across several posts on the New World forums from players either reporting to have been given the coin. Some community moderators and managers have also responded to these claims, with an explanation that is reportedly still being investigated by the developer.


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According to the claims by those who have reported the issue online, the New World November patch appears to have begun randomly compensating some players with 300K gold coins. These massive handouts have been reported by players with no relation with the war declarations that the patch's compensation program was meant to address. This has been met with criticism, especially after a response from Community Moderator Pneuma that some players have seen as making light of a bug that may disrupt the in-game ecconomy.

Community Manager Tosch has addressed this sudden issue with New World's gold on the game's official forums, as has the official account on Twitter. Amazon Game Studios appears to still be investigating the issue at the time of this writing, with a solution and more details hopefully coming soon. For the moment, it would appear that the compensation meant to go out in the latest patch was bugged in a way that gave out more coin than expected and to players that shouldn't have otherwise been given this extra currency.

new world forum 300k pneuma response
new world forum 300k tosch response

The way forward for Amazon Game Studios is unclear, given the responses from the players who either received the undue compensation or never received any coin when they were originally promised it would be recovered. At this point, it is likely that a rollback may be currently in progress for a more stable version of the game, as the latest New World updates have caused problems beyond what was supposed to be a simple compensation for war declarations. However, many players are concerned about losing progress or these 300K coins as a result of the developer taking such a drastic action in an attempt to correct the bug.

New World is available now for PC.

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