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Ghosts of the Tribunal is one of the many completely new creations to Skyrim Anniversary Edition, featuring a mini-expansion's amount of content for players to explore. As the name suggests, Ghosts of the Tribunal revolves around the former Dark Elf Living Gods, who were redesignated as Saints by the New Temple by the time of Skyrim.

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Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec made up the Tribunal of the Dark Elves, ruling over them for thousands of years. After the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the Tribunal ceased to be and the Dark Elves returned to worshipping the same Daedra that their ancestors did. Ghosts of the Tribunal explores what remains of the Tribunal during the events of Skyrim.


How To Start Ghosts of the Tribunal

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Staff of Sheogorath Guide Raven Rock

Ghosts of the Tribunal takes place primarily in Solstheim, though some questlines take players back to the Skyrim mainland. To begin the initial quest, head to Raven Rock by taking a boat from the Windhelm docks. Players will have to progress through the main quest until the two Cultists in Whiterun, who lead the player to Solstheim after being killed.

Once in Solstheim, explore Raven Rock for the Temple – it's hard to miss, rising above most other buildings in the town. Head inside, go downstairs and go into the first room on the right. In this small bedroom look for a book titled Heretic's Dossier: Blacksmith's Confessional to officially begin the Ghosts of the Tribunal questline.

Who Were The Dark Elf Living Gods?

Vivec From The Elder Scrolls Online

The former Dark Elf Tribunal was comprised of Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec, each of whom once served under Lord Indoril Nerevar, the Chimer hero and leader. It's widely believed (and privately confirmed) that they murdered Nerevar in their path to gain godlike powers from the Heart of Lorkhan nestled deep beneath Red Mountain.

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During the events of Morrowind, specifically the Tribunal expansion, the Living Gods were not able to make their regular pilgrimage to the Heart of Lorkhan thanks to the interference of Dagoth Ur. Almalexia goes insane from losing her godhood, kills Sotha Sil in his Clockwork City, and is then slain by the Nerevarine. Nobody knows what happened to Vivec. In the years following the disappearance of the Tribunal, the New Temple worshipping the "Good Daedra" Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala rose to prominence and re-designated the Living Gods as mere saints.

Morrowind-Themed Armor and Weapons

Skyrim Anniversary Every Unique Armor Ghosts of the Tribunal

Ghosts of the Tribunal is a hotly anticipated creation included with Anniversary Edition thanks to the inclusion of several iconic pieces of armor and weapons from Morrowind. Players are now able to equip a full set of Ordinator armor, wear the Indoril armor set, and obtain a special mask for each member of the Tribunal (and Dagoth Ur).

When it comes to weapons, several well-known pieces from Morrowind like Trueflame and the Cleaver of St. Felms make their return with only slightly altered effects compared to their original versions. The Warhammer Skull Crusher, the Greatsword Magebane, the curved sword Hopesfire, and the anti-vampire mace Light of Day are acquirable, too.

Other Ghosts of the Tribunal Items

Skyrim Anniversary Ghosts of the Tribunal Items

Unique weapons and armor aren't the only things that Ghosts of the Tribunal brings to Skyrim from Morrowind. Wizard robes seen all throughout Vvardenfell and the mainland of Morrowind can now be worn in Skyrim, including Tribunal Priest Robes, as well as several other minor apparel pieces that suit a Tribunal-worshipping Dark Elf just right.

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Ghosts of the Tribunal also adds some non-unique items that fit into Skyrim, like the Ebony Mace and Ebony Scimitar. While Ghosts of the Tribunal doesn't add any new ingredients or miscellaneous items, its inclusion of Morrowind unique weapons makes for an outstanding addon.

Questlines in Ghosts of the Tribunal

Skyrim Anniversary Ghosts of the Tribunal Mask of Vivec Questline

There are six questlines in Ghosts of the Tribunal, including five side quests and one main quest. The main quest is also titled Ghosts of the Tribunal and tasks the player with rekindling the spark of worship for the former Tribunal by working with a secret group of heretics based in Raven Rock. Players don't have to join them, though – choosing to worship the New Temple is a supported path in this creation.

The five side quests are mostly tied to unique weapons and armor found in Ghosts of the Tribunal. The quest Trueflame, for example, sends the player to a Dwarven forge with the intention of reforging the iconic Morrowind blade. Each of these quests is found either in the secret Tribunal temple in Ashfall's Tear or in Raven Rock itself.

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