The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a huge map that is full of interesting scenery and characters. Many of them are not even marked on the map and must be found by accident or exploring while following the tales of others. Some are merry, while others are macabre.

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The most western hold of Skyrim, The Reach, is nestled between two neighbors: Hammerfell and High Rock. Though it truly belongs to the Nords (as said Nords will consistently remind you), it is almost overrun with the Forsworn. Besides rampant and wild warriors, there are spooky tableaus to come across as well as ancient secrets and possibly treasure.

10 Tragedy For Two

a camp with a lit fire

Northeast of Old Hroldan, the player may happen across a camp being set upon by a wild animal. After slaying the beast, the Dragonborn will notice that this was once the camp of two people: a Breton woman and a Dunmer man. The woman, Karan, can be found near her journal which tells the tale of the two's struggle.

Sadly, there is nothing to be done except loot what one can and move on. However, if the player returns a while later, the site will be cleaned up and a shrine of Mara will now be here; erected in honor of the lovers.


9 An Altar At Harmugstahl Falls

altar by a waterfall

Here's an area just north of the Harmugstahl Fort that is a nice one just to amble through to collect one's thoughts. Spots like these that are tranquil can give some variety to the type of enjoyment players get from an open-world game. Balancing fun combat and immersive storytelling with pleasant scenery is the kind of attention to detail many crave from big, expansive maps.

There are some materials as well as a few ingredients to be gathered. However, the best lootable item is the book titled "Withershins," which can be found upon the stone altar. Read it to gain a free level in the Restoration skill.

8 Lair Of A Wispmother

some dwarven ruins above ground in a rocky hill

Dwarven ruins are not too uncommon in Skyrim, however, some hold more intrigue than others for reasons besides their ancient origin. One such locale, slightly west of the Shrine to Peryite, can be found by any bold adventurer. It is advised to do so with caution, as these are the fell grounds of a Wispmother.

After putting her and her wisp spawn to rest, one can collect her rare drops for potion-making. There is also a dwarven chest nearby as a reward for defeating such a sinister adversary.

7 A Hagraven's Nest

a disgusting hagraven in their nest

North of Markarth, and a bit to the east, there lies a hagraven nest where the player can encounter one of the foulest enemies in the game. However, this one will try to sneak up on the Dragonborn when their guard is down.

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After the Dragonborn loots the chest found in the nest, the owner shows up and begins pelting the player with spells. When one deals with the feathered foe, loot their corpse for some bonus loot in the form of uncommon ingredients.

6 A Woman's Final Swim

the dead body of a woman in a pond

A bit northwest from the Shrine of Peryite, there is a pond that should be lovely to behold but is instead loathsome. The dead body of a nearly nude woman lies face down in the waters with her clothes upon the ground nearby, along with her journal.

Within is her last entry, which states her dismissal of her father's warnings regarding Forsworn activity in the area. She claimed that due to the civil war, the Forsworn would not be out and about as proclaimed. Therefore, ignoring all logic, this woman came down to her favorite swimming hole, looking for a peaceful time. However, all she found was her own demise.

5 Juniper Plant Shrine

shrine atop a cliff with a plant in it

Nature is revered quite heavily in The Reach. Signs of this are everywhere, including subtle spots upon mountainsides and cliffs. North of the Nordic ruin of Valthume, there is a stone altar to be found on a cliff. A weathered yet intact planter made from chiseled stone resides here. A jupiner plant grows from the small structure in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Nearby, a book titled "Enchanter's Primer" can be picked up and read for a boost to one's Enchanting skill. However, it can be argued that the true treasure here is one of Skyrim's greatest views of The Reach.

4 A Deadly Hunt

a skeleton next to a dead sabre cat in a ravine

Just south from the Shrine to Peryite, one can find the gruesome aftermath of a vicious one-on-one fight between a person and a sabre cat. A narrow ravine holds the body of the big, dead feline as well as a human skeleton. Among the corpses, the player can find a knapsack full of loot as well as an enchanted bow.

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Before one departs the scene, be sure to loot the arrows from the sabre cat's body in addition to the other items that it drops. Not only for the sake of good scavenging but to also honor the memory of the hunter who took down this formidable beast.

3 River Treasure By A Rowboat

underwater chest

South of Kolskeggr Mine, there runs a river. Along its banks, there is a rowboat without an owner lingering uninterestingly. However, this is a spot those looking for treasure should definitely check out.

Around the simple watercraft, there are scattered gems, some of which are flawless and worth quite a lot of money. Underwater, a chest can also be found for even more loot.

2 Sacrifice To A Daedric Prince

a dead body on a daedric shrine to peryite

Odd for something related to the Daedra, this bloody altar is not on the map or associated with any quests. Upon a tiered dais rises a column with two dragons perched atop. This obelisk can be seen elsewhere and is associated solely with the Daedric Prince of disease, Peryite.

Appropriately, this site of slaughter is found very close to the Shrine to Peryite. Just head southeast from the shrine and this grim scene can be found and looted for items such as a diamond, enchanted dagger, and much more. Just be careful of the wolf that now makes this place its den.

1 Trolls And Trollsbane

the cave belonging to a troll with some bones in front of it

Directly west, a stone's throw away, from Cradle Stone Tower lies a fascinating, yet brutal, event. Head down the rocky slope from the tower until one finds a shallow cavern that is likely emitting fierce roaring. Within, there are two trolls locked in combat over the remains of a human body laying nearby.

After enjoying the primal duel, finish off the winner as their grim reward and loot all the corpses. On the dead Nord, named Frofnir Trollsbane, the Dragonborn will find a unique weapon. The aptly named Trollsbane is a Two-Handed warhammer with a special effect that burns trolls for 15 points of damage when struck.

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